16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children Campaign statement by UDEMWO Deputy-Chairperson (26 November 2008)

It is again time for the 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children Campaign. The United Democratic Women's Movement (UDEMWO) believes that South Africa's method of dealing with such abusers is seriously lacking and is shoddily implemented; in the instances where abuse is reported, cases very seldom lead to conviction.

We believe that there ought to be a programme of action, which is to be regularly updated, so that the relevant bodies may address the issues of women abuse effectively.

Women who are abused fear that telling of their experience will cover them in shame; they worry about their financial security, the safety of their children and their own mental or physical state.

Government must do more to ensure that women who report abuse are protected and that the perpetrators of abuse are arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.