'Defending the ANC' is not the same as defending democracy: SA musicians seem misguided in their action statement by UDM Youth Vanguard, Gauteng (7 November 2008)

The Gauteng UDM Youth Vanguard finds the latest move of the ANC, the seeming coercion of ‘top SA musicians’ into popularising their plight, as yet another sign of their desperation.

ANC Spokesperson Jesse Duarte was reported to have said that: "These artists express the views of many when they say that the ANC is their movement, and that its values are their values". Which values could she referring to? The values exhibited by the ANC of late are those of condoning corruption and promoting cronyism, disrespect for the justice system, public rudeness and hate speech, political intolerance, the list goes on and on.

Although we fully subscribe to the Constitution and support South Africans in their freedom to associate, we can only wonder what these musicians think they are associating themselves with? Supporting the ANC is not necessarily the same as supporting South African democracy. The ANC has proven that it cannot be trusted with power. With a two-thirds majority it has done as it pleases; for instance, trying to bulldoze us into agreeing with the disbandment of the Scorpions and allowing a few dozen people at Luthuli House to remove the President - not even consulting the nation.

It would have made sense if these musicians, and patriotic fellow South Africans, went out there in genuine defence of true democracy; responsible entertainers would encouraging people to go register and vote – not endorsing any political party. The UDMYV calls on our musicians to not make this mistake, please entertain us and motivate us; don’t politicise our music too! ;Please do not alienate your supporters – who come from a wide political spectrum – by promoting partisan politics.