ANC Youth League threats against ABSA statement by the UDM Youth Vanguard Spokesperson 5 November 2008

The UDM Youth Vanguard notes the ANC Youth League's latest ill-considered media comments; this time threatening ABSA bank. The UDM would instead suggest that the ANCYL should stop directing anger at Big Business. This is just a thinly disguised attempt at blackmailing South African businesses who are considering funding parties other than the ANC. The ANCYL should rather direct their energy to the leadership of the ANC, who together with the DA, has systematically opposed efforts to regulate private donations to political parties.

It is preposterous and hypocritical of the ANCYL to make these sorts of threats. The ANC keeps saying there is no crisis in their party, but they keep behaving panicky and desperate like in this case. On a daily basis the ANCYL are emulating their party leaders; they are arrogant and selfishly believe that everything must come their way whether it is funding or airtime on the public broadcaster.

The ANC has been receiving millions from foreign donors over the years, they have received millions from the banks of South Africa, they - including the ANCYL directly - have received millions from dubious characters, and they have even siphoned millions to party coffers through state tenders such as in the Oilgate/PetroSA scandal. Just last month the ANC publicly received more than R20 million from BEE millionaires who have benefited from ANC policies.

If they are sincere in their concern about political funding they would stop hindering new legislation that will ban foreign donations and enforce public disclosure of all large donations. The ANC has not yet addressed the allegation that Mr Mbeki received R30 million from an arms deal bidder, of which R2 million was supposedly given to Mr Zuma and R28 million to the ANC.

The ANCYL does nothing for the youth of this country; all they do is to habitually make angry, disrespectful and mindless public statements. Perhaps the ANCYL should approach a manufacturer of earplugs to sponsor them, because every time they speak we wish we didn't have to hear it.