UDM Member of Parliament's comments in the Parliamentary Debate: National Prosecuting Authority A/B and SA Police Service A/B (23 October 2008)

Madam Speaker and honourable Members,

The bills before us are the product of the ANC's December resolution to disband the Scorpions. That resolution was motivated by a dubious political agenda. A barrage of lies and distortions were uttered about the DSO before and after Polokwane to justify this unwarranted and dangerous attack upon one of the few working crime-fighting and corruption-busting institutions. It seems that the campaign to elevate one person to the highest office in the ANC and the land will proceed no matter what the cost.

This entire parliamentary process has been an ill-disguised sham. The Minister of Safety and Security announced the decision as a fait accompli, and later the joint chair of the Committee said the outcome was pre-ordained. The public hearings were a travesty, with orchestrated ANC submissions and bussed in hooligans who shouted down any person who disagreed with them.

The UDM does not support these bills - they dismantle a viable institution and create a clumsy ill-conceived replacement, which is located in an organisation that is riddled with corruption and mismanagement.

If there are MPs in the ANC with a shred of conscience, today is the day that you can demonstrate it. It does not matter whether you think your vote alone will change anything. Simply do what is right and abstain. If you intend campaigning in the forthcoming election on a ticket of respect for the rule of law and democracy, then you cannot vote in support of these despicable bills and the profoundly undemocratic agenda that spawned them.

I thank you.

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