Angie Motshega's statement is reckless - statement by the UDMWO Secretary General (23 October 2008)

We refer to the public statement made by the ANC Womens League President, Mrs Angie Motshega regarding the so-called dissidents from the ANC.

UDEMWO believes that Mrs Motshega - as a mother and public leader - is supposed to be a role model to the upcoming generation and also encourage young people in particular to be responsible and disciplined leaders. She should not refer to human beings as "dogs". This is totally immoral and unethical. It undermines the country's Constitution when those individuals who exercise their rights are labeled with insults and threatened.

Her utterances are a testimony to the kind of behaviour we see in the ANCYL leadership, specifically Mr Julius Malema who has made reckless, inflammatory and provocative statements in the past. Therefore, we challenge Mrs Motshega to apologise. She should be aware that what goes around comes around; she must not be surprised when in future her juniors refer to her as a "dog" because they will be emulating her.