SABC is showing bias again statement by the UDM President (16 October 2008)

The UDM is dismayed that the SABC is again displaying an open political bias. The ANC is receiving extensive - and often live - coverage. Yesterday Mr Zuma was given an hour and again today Mr Mantashe will bask in live coverage from the SABC, without any such opportunity being afforded to anybody else.

If the argument is that the ANC's affairs are newsworthy, why is Mr Lekota and others not being given the same live blanket coverage? After all, the first rule of objective news reporting is to give both sides in a dispute equal opportunity to state their case.

In the past the SABC has used the same flimsy 'newsworthy' argument to explain its totally unfair and unjustified live broadcasts of major ANC election campaign events, whilst no other party has ever been granted a fraction of that.

The SABC's news division, despite occasional reassuring noises to the contrary, behaves like a puppet being controlled by its masters to produce propaganda that suits a specific partisan agenda.

What's the difference between the SABC and the Zimbabwean television broadcaster? We can't spot any difference. Why is the public broadcaster being used to address the ANC's internal problems?