Zuma's dangerous language statement by the UDM President (15 October 2008)

The UDM is appalled by the comments that Mr Zuma reportedly made yesterday against unhappy ANC members, threatening "radical action" and "dire consequences". Mr Zuma must explain what this radical action and dire consequences will be for people who are simply exercising their democratic rights.

It is clear to us that the ANC is still using the despicable strategy that they employed against the UDM when it was launched.

Mr Zuma knows that with those words he is creating a hostile environment and giving a licence to his supporters to act violently. He must know that we will hold him responsible for any intimidation and violence that occurs.

In the UDM scores of people were attacked and murdered - including our Secretary General. The fingers always pointed to the ANC, as reflected in court records.

He must stop this war-talk. The ANC must expel these members from their party or negotiate a settlement. Mr Lekota and others have a democratic right to express and pursue their political views.

There is no place for such talk in a democratic society, if Mr Zuma wants to be President of this country he should start acting like a statesman. When he talks like this we understand why he has never reprimanded Malema and others when they made their inflammatory and violent threats. This country deserves to be led by leaders of a higher calibre than that.