Letter to the Eastern Cape Premier, Mr Mbulelo Sogoni, regarding 'White Elephant' clinics about to vandalised from the UDM President (14 October 2008)

Dear Sir

The abovementioned matter refers.

The UDM structures in the Transkei region have alerted me of this matter. Therefore, I would like to draw your attention to four clinics that have been completed in Eliotdale, Mqanduli, Willowvale. These clinics have been standing there unused for months now and the local communities are concerned that there are no personnel, staff or security. It means that not only are the communities being deprived of vital services, but also that these facilities will eventually fall prey to vandals.

Surely the Treasury had approved the budget for the staff, equipment and medicines when the approval was given for the building of these facilities?
If that is the case, it shows poor planning on the part of your Government. It is also painful to the communities where so many people are looking for jobs, including qualified nurses, to look at these empty buildings that could be providing employment to some of them. Should these communities now believe that such poor planning will only be rectified with next year's budget?

The location of these clinics are:
Two in Mqanduli - Mpame and Hobeni administrative areas One in Elliotdale - Khotyana administrative area One in Willowvale - Qwaninga administrative area

I invite your office to do an inspection 'in loco' at these facilities; after confirming this sorry state of affairs for yourself you should take the responsible MEC and officials to task.

It is frustrating to the people that millions of their taxpayer money has been spent, after they had been waiting for so long to receive this basic healthcare, and now the buildings are just sitting there as empty reminders of the services that they still do not receive.

Please ensure that these 'white elephants' are manned and stocked with medicine. This situation is just another illustration of the urban-bias mentality of the present Government, which must come to an end.

Bantu Holomisa, MP
UDM President

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