Is Motlanthe coming in to quash the Zuma case? statement by the UDM President (25 September 2008)

To say that there is no crisis in our country today would be tantamount to saying that there isn't a hungry lion in the Kruger National Park. Indeed that would be to undermine the intelligence of South Africans. This country has witnessed for the past 3 to 4 years the ANC's state of denial about the divisions in their ranks and how this infighting has increasingly affected service delivery. The political thuggery we have witnessed - of removing a sitting President in favour of someone that is facing serious criminal charges - bears testimony to this.

After Polokwane many in this country thought there would be change, but the new ANC leadership has proven that it is not a new broom that sweeps clean but a muddy mop that spreads the muck.

It is unfortunate that the ANC have wasted another nine months of being inward-looking, obsessed with ferreting out the 'undesirables' in their ranks, which has created so much uncertainty in the country as Premiers - and even a President - are hounded out of office.

Whilst we welcome Motlanthe and his Cabinet and wish them well, they will actually be judged on whether they are coming into office to advance the ANC campaign of devaluing state institutions, such as the NPA, and purging people in the administration, as the ANC has threatened. Indeed, are they coming in to implement the call to permanently withdraw the charges against Mr Zuma?

We bid farewell to President Mbeki. We know that his intellectual capacity which the ANC seems to disregard will be snapped up outside our borders, if one judges by the reaction internationally to his departure. Wherever he goes we plead with him to never forget that he is a South African first and foremost and we call on him to always fight for this country, and tower above his party's pettiness. He should know that many South Africans still hold him in high esteem, despite some mistakes he made along the way.