Cabinet resignations: Chickens coming home to roost statement by the UDM President (23 September 2008)

The news that a string of senior Cabinet Ministers have tendered their resignations are the latest repercussions of the new ANC's over-hasty action against President Mbeki.

The chickens are coming home to roost. If the ANC is surprised by this news they need to re-look how they have publicly disrespected and humiliated the President of the Republic in the past week and a half - a trend rooted in more than two years of increasingly public disdain. So commonplace has it become, that the burning of posters and t-shirts bearing Mbeki's face - after Judge Nicholson's ruling - barely registered in the media.

The Johnny-come-late "revolutionaries" who now seem to pull the strings of the new ANC leadership are seeing the consequences of their ridiculous and inflammatory public commencements.

Did they honestly believe that these people who have served with President Mbeki for more than a decade would simply smile and accept the gratuitous insults and allegations flung at him and them, or the unjust and undignified manner in which he has been forced out of office?

It is a pity that the rest of the country has to pay the price for the ANC's inability to manage it's internal battles.