ANC only thinking of itself statement by the UDM President (22 September 2008)

Now that the ANC has succeeded in pushing out the President, the question in many people's mind is whether the ANC will follow through on their often repeated assertions, namely: One, to stop the prosecution against Mr Zuma and their insistence that Cabinet and the NPA should not appeal Judge Nicholson's ruling; two, creating an amnesty for the Arms Deal; and three, that some of the personnel at the NPA will be removed? The new President that the ANC is preparing to parade before the nation must answer these questions.

The ANC has become so blinded by arrogance that its Secretary General can actually tell the nation with a straight face that the perfectly legitimate decision of Cabinet to appeal against a ruling - that impugned them with untested inferences - was part of the context for the decision to push the President out of office, because the ANC thought that such an appeal would reopen the rifts in their midst. It is not our fault that the ANC insisted on electing at Polokwane a party President with a cloud hanging over his head whilst failing to deal with their internal squabbles; yet now the entire country must bend over backwards and watch every democratic institution being violated to accommodate Mr Zuma's ascendancy to the highest office.