ANC process of removing Mbeki reeks of anarchy statement by the UDM President (20 September 2008)

The UDM condemns the manner in which the ANC is removing the President of the country. It is a pity that the current ANC leadership's victorious victim mentality occasioned by Judge Nicholson's inferences could be used to push Mbeki out of office. Parliament should have the last word, not some kangaroo court of the ANC NEC.

It is clear that this desperate mob wants to quash the case against Zuma at all costs. They now aim to take control of the Executive and promptly target and purge any person or institution that seeks to pursue the allegations against Zuma.

To remove the head of state like this is an act of political barbarity that threatens to plunge the country into anarchy. Here is a person who has not been accused of any crime, but he is being pushed out of office by a person who faces charges of fraud and corruption.

This new creature that masquerades as the ANC is going only one way; the culture of tolerance is being destroyed. Suppression of information, intimidation and all those tactics that was so popular under Apartheid will return. People must brace themselves for the sort of governance that will not tolerate diversity or different views.

South Africans should use the opportunity of the next elections to vote for a political party that is committed to change the electoral system and introduce a directly-elected President. All those who are against this unknown creature which has been systematically campaigning to undermine democratic state institutions, must close ranks with a view to denying this lynch mob the chance to gain power.

We thank Mbeki and his Executive for what they have done. Like any Government they have had their flaws and their successes. His legacy will be the institutions that he put in place in the country and on the continent, such as NEPAD and the revived African Union.