ANCYL behaviour does not represent all SA youth statement by the UDM Youth Vanguard Spokesperson 19 September 2008

The UDM Youth Vanguard condemns the unbecoming behaviour and gratuitous insults that the ANCYL and its affiliates are perpetrating on a daily basis now. When they aren't busy demeaning democratic institutions they are organising rallies that result in looting and vandalism.

Yesterday's ANCYL media conference cannot go unchallenged. They showed disrespect for both the President of the Country, Thabo Mbeki, and ANC President, Jacob Zuma, with threats that everybody must toe the line of the ANCYL. This attitude cannot be allowed to spread into the rest of society; it would lead to anarchy.

We distance ourselves from that kind of behaviour because it does not reflect our values, or the values of the majority of South African youths.
As future leaders we believe that:
- Our elders have to be treated with respect and dignity, even when we disagree with them.
- We need to show respect for the office and the institution even if we disagree with the current incumbent.
- We accept and support diverse views as the lifeblood of democracy.
- Disagreement should not mean being disrespectful and insulting.

Mr Malema is a great comedian, but a mediocre democrat. The fate of our country should not be determined by the likes of him.