NPA decision to appeal Zuma judgement statement by the UDM President (17 September 2008)

The UDM welcomes the decision of the NPA to appeal the ruling made on Friday. If the NPA had backed down, it would only have looked like they had succumbed to political pressure - the very thing that Zuma's supporters have accused them of doing in the past. Their mandate is to prosecute without fear or favour.

As we have said before, it is still too early for the ANC to celebrate; Judge Nicholson's ruling was on a procedural technicality. The judge specifically indicated at the beginning of his ruling that he was ruling on this technicality, not the merits of the case against Jacob Zuma. Not for the first time, there are people who have purposefully misinterpreted a carefully worded judicial statement.

The last word on the Jacob Zuma matter will only be said when a judge rules that he is innocent or that he is guilty of the charges that have been brought against him.