Zuma suporters need to be controlled statement by the UDM President (12 September 2008)

As the country awaits the latest legal ruling in the Zuma matter, the UDM calls on the law enforcement agencies to ensure that law and order is maintained.

We have noted that the war talk and inciting from Zuma's allies have escalated and they are already making threatening noises in case the judgement today does not favour them.

Though it has been discredited, the Browse Mole Report did highlight the frightening prospect of an orchestrated street revolution. When this is seen in the light of violent street protests organised by Tripartite Alliance members, like the Khutsong uprising led by the SACP, these are worrying signs for our democratic order.

We call on the law enforcement agencies, irrespective of the outcome of today's court ruling, that any attempt at anarchy will be met with the full force of the law. It is necessary for the Tripartite Alliance to explain where the funding and motivation for the busses, t-shirts and other JZ campaign costs are coming from. We know that the ANC is almost permanently in a state of financial chaos, so who is paying for these campaigns and what are their motives? We cannot allow our hard-fought democratic freedoms to be sacrificed to the secret whims of shadowy financial powerbrokers.