Zuma judgement statement by the UDM President (12 September 2008)

The UDM notes the judgement in the matter of whether the NPA should have followed certain technical procedures when it charged Mr Zuma. It is not an acquittal.

It must be remembered that no substantive arguments have been heard about the merits and demerits regarding the charges he faces. In other words, Mr Zuma remains a suspect with a cloud hanging over his head, and a former financial advisor in prison for committing fraud and corruption.

It is not the first time that the courts have ruled in his favour, so hopefully Mr Zuma and his supporters will stop questioning the impartiality of the judiciary. Mr Zuma now has no excuse to subject himself - as is expected of all citizens - to normal court procedures and answer the charges against him.

This is one of the most complex cases the NPA has ever faced and now they need to explain where they stand with regards to the various legal proceedings underway against Mr Zuma. It is also pivotal that the question of whether there are undue political motives behind the prosecution of Mr Zuma be resolved; that too, can best be achieved in an open court.