ANC rally chaos in Durban statement by the UDM President (11 September 2008)

The UDM condemns the looting and violence that characterised yesterday's ANC rally in Durban. The ANC and its alliance partner must accept total responsibility.

They are to blame because this is the culmination of all the inciting statements that their leaders have been making from various public platforms in the past few months. They have been presenting themselves as revolutionaries not scared of resorting to violence to 'crush' and 'eliminate' all those who stand in their way and whom they call anti-revolutionaries.

It is a pity that the same ANC that was in the vanguard of the liberation movement to usher in a constitutional democratic state are now changing midstream and trying to turn our country into a revolutionary state where the law of the jungle prevails.

The law enforcement agencies must send a strong signal and remain above this petty political bickering. They must arrest any person who breaks the law and maintain order since it is clear that the so-called leaders of the Tripartite Alliance are incapable of controlling their rent-a-crowd mob.

There must be no uncertainty that the law applies to everybody equally.