Letter to Mr Nazir Alli CEO of the South African National Roads Agency (SANRA ) regarding "State of N1 Highway between Johannesburg and Pretoria" from the UDM President (28 August 2008)

Dear Sir

The abovementioned matter refers.

We call on the SANRA to look at the state of the N1 highway between Pretoria and Johannesburg.

We appeal to you to check on the company/unit that was given the responsibility to keep that stretch of road clean. Whoever is employed to keep the road clean and cut the grass has neglected the job. The dirt and scrap accumulating along this highway is not only unsightly, but also pose a safety hazard for motorists. The grass on the verges have also not been cut and allowed to grow; this reduces visibility and leads to the inevitable veld fires, which add to traffic congestion and heighten the risk of collisions. We invite you to do an inspection in loco yourself.

It is one of the busiest and most important stretches of highway in the country; unfortunately it is also renowned for the many collisions that happen along its length. The current state of neglect of this national asset is not acceptable.

We require a programme to beautify our highways. Such a programme must be established between your organisation and the relevant Government departments with a view to improving the maintenance, safety and appearance of major highways. Especially with the 2010 World Cup tournament in mind, we should be looking at the highways between the international airports across the country and the main city centres. This is the first thing that visitors to any country look at; greenery and a pristine appearance will create a good first impression. Such a programme would be an ideal way of promoting environmentally-responsible development, whilst also creating many jobs.

Kind regards
Bantu Holomisa, MP

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