R4 billion for Identification System problematic statement by UDM Spokesperson for Home Affairs (27 August 2008)

The improvement on the Identification System is a good idea, as the old one was flawed by loopholes, corruption and discrepancies. But the alleged cost of R4 billion, which is more than twice as much as initially expected is unacceptable.

It is further disturbing to hear that the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs requested a report on the developments regarding the awarding of contracts, which is now in limbo because the State Information Technology Agency (Sita) Chief Execdutive Officer (CEO) has resigned.

It is clear that somebody is failing his/her duties and this cannot be tolerated. How can the figure have risen so abnormally, whilst those responsible cannot account for the initial awarding of contracts?

The UDM is astounded by these allegations and calls upon the Minister of Home Affairs to immediately appoint a Commission of Inquiry to investigate these allegations, including a full report on the rationale and procedures that were followed in the awarding of contracts for modernising the Identification System.