No 'political solution' for Mr Zuma statement by the UDM President (22 August 2008)

Once again speculation is rife of a so-called 'political solution' for Mr Zuma. According to media reports the Chairperson of Parliament's Justice Committee, Mr Yunus Carrim, endorses such a scheme. This is the same person who two weeks ago co-chaired a media conference where the ANC boldly stated the public hearings into the future of the Scorpions would have no impact, because the disbandment of the Scorpions was a fait accompli. Sadly it seems some people are so concerned with seeking appointment to Cabinet in the future that they disregard the constitutional obligations they have in the present.

The ANC elected Mr Zuma at their own peril in Polokwane. They knew that he was facing charges. It is them that embarked on a campaign to position Zuma as a victim. Some of the country's intelligentsia and business leaders are now talking about such a 'political solution'. The people who are arguing about a deal fail to acknowledge that this person claims to be innocent. Why a deal if he is innocent? Why should we convert the whole country into a kangaroo court with ad hoc rules to suit one person?

We once again call upon Mr Zuma to take the country out of this quagmire, by simply going to court and facing the music, or alternatively entering into plea-bargaining with the prosecution authorities. If he is innocent, why this call for a suspension of the rule of law in order to give him a 'deal'? Plea-bargaining is part of our legal system to accommodate the need for 'deals'.

Mr Carrim and his ilk would do the country a far greater favour if they rather campaign for a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Arms Deal.

Until now the ANC Government has flatly refused such an investigation, whilst Mr Zuma and his supporters keep mumbling about conspiracies but refuse to make public the evidence they claim to have. Only a full investigation of the entire Arms Deal can determine who is guilty and who is innocent, and whether indeed there is such a thing as victims of a political conspiracy.