Essop Pahad's playing of the race-card statement by the UDM President (22 August 2008)

The UDM notes that Minister Essop Pahad has taken time from his busy schedule in Beijing, China, in order to make sweeping statements about white South Africans' lack of support for the 2010 World Cup.

Presumably the excuse for his presence at the Olympics is to represent the Government of South Africa and promote the country. Instead he badmouths our country and its citizens. His loose tongue and careless words don't surprise us. There are several of these Ministers who all of a sudden have started resorting to war-talk or playing the race card to appease the new faction controlling the ANC.

His statement is utter rubbish; white people vote in large numbers for his party, whilst his party and their government have promoted numerous white people into leadership positions. It is ridiculous to make these comments when he's been a fixture in the President's Office since time immemorial and also a serving member of the 2010 Local Organising Committee (LOC) - if there was truth to his claims can he indicate what steps he has taken to address this matter?

He has realised that he's about to be removed from his posh position in the Presidency and LOC and this is just a pathetic attempt to ingratiate himself with the prospective new President and his supporters, who seem to value wild militancy highly.

The LOC has had their failures of marketing and promoting South Africa and of ensuring that South Africans rally behind the 2010 tournament, but this cannot be blamed on the public or racism.