Rasool appointment in farcical statement by the UDM President (20 August 2008)

The UDM is astounded by the announcement that the former Western Cape Premier, Mr Rasool, has been appointed as Special Advisor to the Minister in the Presidency, Mr Motlante.

The ANC had effectively booted the man out of office less than a month ago, on the grounds that he had failed in his duties. Once again we witness somebody who has failed at governing being rewarded with promotion. It makes no sense. There is simply no difference between the so-called 'new' ANC and the Mbeki-era ANC. Indeed, when it comes to cronyism, we can see no difference between them and the erstwhile National Party regime.

It should be remembered that Mr Motlante is destined to become Deputy President of the country, if not President, and now he is being advised by a person that has been removed from office for his failure at provincial governance.

This is not simply an entanglement between Messrs Motlante and Rasool; the whole nation will be at the mercy of someone who the ANC has publicly branded a failure.