Cosatu must stop fooling the people media statement issued by UDM National Spokesperson (6 August 2008)

We sympathise with the masses of our people, and share their frustrations about the escalating cost of living. The ruling alliances' policies are coming back to haunt us. Everyone is suffering; as always the poor suffer the most.

We challenge COSATU to stop trying to fool the people. They are part and parcel of the Tripartite Alliance; they actively participate and endorse policies that do not work. It is preposterous that COSATU goes out and makes noise claiming that they are concerned about the plight of the people, whilst they know very well that this is their alliance's fault. These marches are not helping the situation and only impede economic growth.

The time is opportune for South African voters to show COSATU and its alliance partners that they are tired of their hollow promises.

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