Allegations of R30 million Arms Deal bribe accepted by Mbeki statement by the UDM President (3 August 2008)

We are disgusted by the media allegations that President Mbeki accepted a R30 million Arms Deal bribe. But we are not surprised. Can we trust the ANC leadership - both Mbeki and Zuma? Mbeki and the ANC have been asked many times to appoint a Judicial Commission of Inquiry. It explains why the newly elected lynch mob that controls the ANC is reluctant to trust the judiciary, because they are aware of these shady dealings and schemes.

Nor can we trust the so-called "back-up" leader, Motlanthe, when he still has not answered for shady dealings in Iraqi oil or the R11 million PetroSA scam. Also, in his former position as SG he would've been aware of this R28 million donation to the ANC's coffers.

The ANC leadership, both the outgoing and incoming, should show cause why they have not all betrayed the liberation struggle with this blatant abuse of state resources to benefit themselves. Indeed in hindsight, we can say without a shadow of a doubt, there is no difference between the National Party of old and the ANC, when it comes to corruption. The only little difference is that in instances like the Info Scandal the National Party forced the guilty ones to resign.

The ANC has shamed this country and actually reinforce the German saying that "the troughs may have changed, but the pigs have remained the same."

These Johnny-come-lately revolutionaries who now claim to run the ANC and who insist that they are above-board, must explain why we should not immediately appoint a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate the entire Arms Deal. We can't rely on the ANC leadership's say-so in these matters; they cannot be trusted. It explains why the outgoing and incoming leadership of the ANC are in agreement about disbanding the Scorpions - who have been at the centre of investigating the Arms Deal. Only a Judicial Commission of Inquiry will clear up whether Zuma received R2 million and the ANC R28 million, and whether Mbeki did not perhaps take a cut for himself.