Constitutional Court ruling against Jacob Zuma and others statement by the UDM President (31 July 2008)

The UDM welcomes the judgement by the Constitutional Court - it can be seen as a victory for the law enforcement agencies who are responsible for combating white collar crime.

This judgement should hasten the actual prosecution of Jacob Zuma, and should teach him that his delaying tactics are failing.

I would advise him to forget about all the politicians who have attached themselves to him, and to rather consult with his family. After that conversation with his family he should announce that he will now face the law and stop avoiding his day in court.

He needs to be aware that the politicians that surround him may be abusing his cause for their own self-aggrandisement. He should thank them for what they have done until now, and then jettison them.

This latest loss in the Constitutional Court will only further weaken his pending court case.

If the corruption prosecution that he has been delaying could have started in the middle of August - as the State had intended - the matter may have been over and done with by December.

It is time for him to display leadership; by facing the music.