The campaign to prevent Zuman's prosecution continues media statement by the UDM President (11 July 2008)

The UDM notes the latest reports of a concerted strategy by the ANC to prevent Jacob Zuma from being prosecuted, as reported in the Mail & Guardian. The campaign is nothing new.

Over the years this campaign has already culminated in two wasteful Commissions of Inquiry, under the auspices of Judges Hefer and Khampepe, which the taxpayer had to foot the bill for. All of these lay bare the blatant campaigns in favour Zuma.

Neither are we impressed or surprised by the involvement of former Judge Heath, who was employed by Brett Kebble to attack the NPA and Scorpions, since they were poised to expose the massive frauds he had been committing.

Judge Heath is no stranger to the bigger picture of this campaign; he is just one of a crowd of 'supporters' of Zuma. Whether through public statements, by marching during court trials or by making public threats against the judicial process - like the ANC Youth League - what they have in common is that they were all bankrolled by Kebble.

The danger for our democracy is that the whole campaign might create a precedent for future cases of this nature; the notion is being established that some people are above the law. This is how corruption becomes institutionalised in a society and we must fight this tendency; just because a person reaches the highest office in the ruling party does not mean that they can commit any crime without fear of prosecution.

Unfortunately this campaign is partly being funded by the taxpayer, when for instance Zuma spends millions in his efforts to evade the courts.

Depending on whether the voters ensure that there will be a change in the balance of power in Parliament, one of the most urgent needs for the new Parliament will be to change the laws that if a high-ranking government official is charged with corruption the taxpayer won't foot the bill.