Western Cape floods worse due to lack of political will media statement by UDM Spokesperson for Housing (10 July 2008)

The Western Cape Provincial Government has failed the people of the Western Cape. It is apparent that they are not proactive, lack proper strategies, and do not have the necessary political will.

It should be noted that the floods that we see here in Cape Town are not new. The Provincial government is fully aware that each and every year, this province is facing the same crisis. Still they sing the same song with the same tune; "We have arranged alternative shelter for the affected by placing them in community halls, we are offering them food parcels, as well as looking on how we can address the situation". They cannot continue to make noise and spend thousands of rands declaring these areas disaster areas, whilst failing to come up with a concrete plan on how to curb this problem from recurring. When are they going to build houses for the people on the available land?

There is no excuse to defend their incompetence. They must admit that they have dismally failed and should seek national intervention or involve other stakeholders.