Eastern Cape corruption the latest front in ANC infighting media statement by the UDM President (10 July 2008)

The latest revelations of corruption in the Eastern Cape are disturbing; especially since it seems there have been several attempts at covering it up. But once again the infighting in the ANC has brought the skeletons tumbling out of the closet. The ANC faction calling for the Premier to be removed should accept that their strategy since winning power in Polokwane is flawed; it simply isn't working.

This faction which claims to be 'revolutionary' usurped power in Polokwane and spoke like they were in control. But they've already embarrassed themselves because they tried to force Mbeki to appoint Motlante to the cabinet, and they are still waiting. They are now discovering that two centres of power are not that simple to manage as they had thought.

Now they want to get rid of the Eastern Cape Premier, but they lack the power to fire her; only the President of the country can remove her from office. They should go to Mbeki directly if they want change.

This conflict has led to the exposure of serious corruption allegations against senior ANC members, who are implicated in fraud totalling hundreds of millions of Rands. What is emerging here reinforces the fears of many in this country; that the Zuma faction is full of dodgy characters, because most of the individuals mentioned have been campaigning in the Eastern Cape for Zuma. It is clear that their strategy is to return to power at National and Provincial government in order to cover their tracks. They must zip their mouths about removing people from office and wait until the next election. All of them have failed dismally to govern with integrity and to fulfil the service delivery promises they made in previous elections; instead they covered for each other in the widespread looting of the nation's taxes and resources which is only emerging now that they are fighting each other.

These Johnny-come-late 'revolutionaries' are reminiscent of the corrupt Apartheid politicians. It brings to mind the German expression: The troughs have changed, however the pigs have remained the same. All of them must prepare to face the voters in the next election; people are tired of being robbed by those who claim to be the only people to have "Struggled" to uplift the masses, yet the motive is the opposite.