UDM is not 'counter-revolutionary' media statement by the UDM President (6 July 2008)

Gwede Mantashe, ANC SG, please note: the UDM is not counter-revolutionary, nor can we be labelled as such just because we dared to point out that the emperor is naked.

The ANC members elected your President in Polokwane, fully knowing that he is facing these serious charges. You were forewarned by the public, commentators and civil society in general. But because of your organisation's arrogance of power you went ahead and elected him anyway. Your lynch mob mentality that characterised the Polokwane Conference is now coming back to haunt you. Your organisation chose this course of action at its own peril; it is preposterous to blame others for the impending disaster that now faces you.

The ANC is regressing. After the heights of Mandela and Mbeki, they are now offering a very questionable individual whose lieutenants are promising war if their man is prevented from attaining the highest office. Seemingly some people have little regard for justice and demand only one verdict; threatening violence and killings if he is found guilty.

As far as the UDM is concerned all Mr Zuma should do if he wants to lead the country is to open his cupboards and cooperate with the prosecutors and investigators before the election. It is hypocritical for him to cry foul about justice delayed being justice denied, when he is using taxpayer money to play every trick in the book to prevent his case from proceeding. The longer the case is delayed by him the higher the cost to the taxpayer - this is money that could have been spent on service delivery. He and his supporters need to stop their irresponsible threats and conspiracy theories; this is not the behaviour of a statesman and would-be President.

If the ANC and its leaders will continue to support a person who is hell-bent on dodging his day in court, then God help us, because it demonstrates that the current ANC leadership is both morally and intellectually challenged.