Media statement regarding youth politics by the UDM Youth Vanguard in Gauteng (24 June 2008)

The United Democratic Movement Youth League (UDMYV) calls upon the youth of South Africa stand up together and protect our Rainbow Nation from the emerging hooliganism we have all witnessed these past few weeks.

So much has happened in the political arena in the last couple of weeks and it happened at a very fast pace.; First we saw the black-poor on black-poor violence where people lost their lives while some were left homeless in what initially looked like attacks on foreign nationals.;; When we entered June 2008 - the Youth Month - Khutsong exploded again, leaving one classroom burnt down.

What is so worrisome about these events is that young people are at the forefront; and not in a positive sense. We all saw in the media how an ANC Youth League member pulled down his pants at a recent congress. On Youth Day, when young people are expected to take the public platforms and the address the issues that affect our youth, the ANC Youth League President Mr;Julius;Malema threatened to shoot and kill for Mr;Jacob Zuma? It was echoed four days later, by yet another young person, Mr Buti Manamela the Secretary General of the SACP Young Communist League.

We ask this: Do these young individuals understand their role in society? Do they really know the meaning of June 16? The beautiful image of our Rainbow Nation has been tarnished by young South Africans who portray us as an intolerant nation led by individuals with no respect for the law.

The UDMYV will not be tarred with the same brush as irresponsible youth who aligns themselves ANC.

Those young patriots who are still sober minded and have not deviated from the original agenda of building a Winning Nation must join hands with each other in the long walk to freedom from corruption, violence, crime, HIV/Aids, hate-speech, racism, poverty and lack of education.