Letter to the ANC Secretary General regarding "ANC should stop minister from blocking Arms Deal investigations" from the UDM President (22 June 2008)

Dear Sir

We understand that the ANC National Working Committee will be sitting this week and we believe that there is an issue of national importance that needs your attention.

Contrary to the view that there are two centres of power, the UDM is of the view that there is only one ANC and it was given a mandate to rule the country until the next election. I'm writing this letter to urge you to stop the ANC Minister of Justice and her Director General from blocking Arms Deal investigations involving the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), as well as investigations initiated by the German and British authorities.

I recall that the new leadership of the ANC said that a committee was to be formed to satisfy the ANC that the Arms Deal and the investigation process thereof was clean and transparent. In light of that approach, would it not be proper to instruct ANC members within Government structures to cooperate with the NPA and other countries in their investigations?

We are dismayed by the latest Mail & Guardian report that claims the Minister of Justice and her Director General have been blocking investigations into controversial aspects of the Arms Deal. Indeed, it is reported in several media that stonewalling by the Minister has led to the German authorities abandoning one of their investigations. We know that the NPA was mandated by Parliament, which is comprised predominantly of ANC members, and it still has that mandate to investigate aspects of the arms deal.

Now members of the ANC in government, such as the Minister of Justice Bridgette Mabandla, are defeating the ends of justice and undermining the NPA mandate.

What is there to hide? Why are the investigations being systematically blocked? Why is the Minister and her Department not cooperating? One senses that your colleagues in Government seem to have a knack for interfering during investigations; we saw this with the issue of Jackie Selebi and the issue of Vusi Pikoli.

We assume that the NPA was the brainchild of the ANC. The NPA is an institution responsible for prosecuting wrong-doers, both rich and poor, but for many of us it seems that once the NPA touches the big shots of the ruling party, selective morality is the first response of the ANC. Contrary to the South African Constitution and indeed the Freedom Charter, not all South Africans are equal before the law.

If you don't deal with this, the Minister and indeed the new ANC leaders must not masquerade as champions of crime-fighting, misleading the voting public that if they come to power they will fight crime. The ANC must lead by example by allowing the investigation of corruption, even if it may expose its own members in Government.

Yours sincerely
Bantu Holomisa, MP
President - United Democratic Movement

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