Million Man March media statement by the UDM President (9 June 2008)

Tomorrow the Million Man March will take place in Pretoria. Thousands upon thousands of South Africans are expected to march peacefully to the seat of Government to express their concern about crime in this country. To show the UDM's support for this initiative, I will be joining the march.

The UDM views this march as part of bolstering the efforts to combat crime in SA; it will send a strong message to the would-be perpetrators of crime.
Government should take this march seriously; it is not just a once-off event but an expression of deep-seated concerns.

Crime in this country is killing and maiming our brothers, sisters, parents and children. It takes from our midst the people we love and the people we depend on. Crime has affected all of us from the rural areas, to the suburbs, from the President to the homeless. It has cost our economy dearly as well, thereby contributing to unemployment and general suffering.
Unfortunately it has impacted on service delivery too, with senior government officials involved in white-collar crime.

We want to thank the initiative taken by the organisers of this march and by all the communities who will be participating.