SABC Mess is an ANC Mess media statement by Mr George Madikiza, MP (UDM Whip) (23 May 2008)

It is amazing that the ANC is now claiming it has lost confidence in the SABC Board barely four months after its installation.

What is even more amazing is that this is the same Board that the ANC used its majority to vote it into the office.

Against the above background, this amounts to the ANC passing a vote of no confidence in itself unless they come out and declare that it was not the "real" ANC that voted this Board into office and tell us which ANC it was.

This is a lesson for the SABC staff to stop this unhealthy culture of pre-emptive self-censorship and blinkered pandering to the perceived or expressed wishes of the ruling party. Greater independence would auger well for the general public in whose interests the SABC was established.