The xenophobia and violence requires more immediate action media statement by the UDM President (19 May 2008)

In the week since the xenophobia and violence started raging through various areas we have not seen an adequate response from Government, except parading of some of Minister. Now that President Mbeki has announced a committee to analyse the causes for this outbreak of barbarity. But analysis is not good enough; whilst Government is analysing the causes, their immediate task is to ensure the safety of all who reside in our country, whether local or so-called "foreign".

Two immediate steps are required to restore order. Firstly, President Mbeki needs to address the nation on this issue. It warrants a national broadcast.

Whether this is xenophobia, criminal hooliganism, ethnic hatred or tribalism, what is required is for the chosen Government of the people to address the nation to say that this behaviour is totally unacceptable. The President must be seen and heard by the whole nation; he must announce concrete of how he intends to stop this mayhem.

Secondly, the army needs to be drafted in to assist the police. The army has transport and personnel resources at their disposal and will be able to bolster police efforts to restore order. It will also ensure that other normal police duties are not neglected.

This madness must be stopped within 48 hours. It can be stopped in 48 hours. Now, more than ever, we as a nation need the President of the country to provide decisive hands-on leadership.

Analysing the causes of this violence is a good idea for the medium to long term, but for now the priority is to stop the bullets, the violence, the looting, the rapes and the setting of people on fire.