The flimsy excuses for disbanding the Scorpions crumble media statement by the UDM President (18 May 2008)

The UDM welcomes the affidavit that the Acting Head of the National Prosecuting Authority has filed in the Glenister case. We also welcome the decision of the IFP to join the other major opposition political parties in expressing to the court our concerns in this matter.

Advocate Mpshe, acting NPA Head, has exposed more of the flimsy excuses that have been advanced by the ANC and Government in their eagerness to disband the Scorpions. We each passing day the only coherent and undeniable motive for disbanding the Scorpions becomes more clear: the ANC wants to protect its own from prosecution.

We have noted that developments in the Zuma corruption trial have once more rolled a stumbling block in the path of the prosecution. We are concerned that the actions of the Judge President of the Natal division plays into the hands of the accused, who will once more claim that it is the NPA and the Scorpions who are denying them justice. Conveniently for the accused every delay strengthens their arguments for a dismissal of the charges, and also allows more time for the ANC to disband and/or demoralise the Scorpions and prosecutors involved.

South Africans must recall that the Scorpions were tasked with investigating matters arising from the Arms Deal and that there may be others in high positions who still need to face the music. It is incumbent upon all of us to unite in support of the Scorpions and against this despicable abuse of power by the ANC.