Travelgate amnesty is a trasvesty media statement by the UDM President (14 May 2008)

The UDM is disgusted by the cynical manner in which the Travelgate MPs are being let off the hook. The stealthy attempt to cancel their debt to Parliament makes a mockery of the concept of accountability. Now it seems that Parliament may even foot the bill for the legal costs that these fraudsters incurred; in other words the taxpayer will pay a second time.

This decision looks like the thin end of the wedge. We suspect that this is a strategy to blackmail MPs in future, when the ruling party comes back to indemnify the people involved in such despicable self-enrichment schemes as the Arms Deal.

This decision again sends a wrong signal; that MPs - especially high-ranking ANC members - are above prosecution.

The UDM distances itself from this decision. The Presiding Officers owe us an explanation. Why now?