Let the Mothers of South Africa become safe from violence on this Mothers' Day celebration media statement by the UDM President (10 May 2008)

UDM salutes all the mothers in South Africa today.

Their contribution in making South Africa what it is today is immeasurable. As such, the high incidence of violence against women must be urgently addressed, not as a once off event but rather as an item of national importance. As the government is assessing the current criminal justice system, the public eagerly awaits the details of what the new system will entail, not just for the dissolution of the Scorpions, but rather for the safety of the society at large, particularly the most vulnerable members of our society – women and children.

On this Mother’s Day, let us all re-affirm our commitment as a nation, as individuals and as children borne of women to ensuring that every mother, every aunt, every grandmother in our country is safe from violent crime and domestic abuse.