SABC Chaos statement by the UDM President (07 May 2008)

The fiasco at the SABC is a case of the chickens coming home to roost. Many people have been critical of the SABC acting like state-controlled media, instead of being an unbiased public broadcaster.

The debate about the credibility of the SABC Board, and now the fracas involving the suspensions of Zikhalala and Mpofu, illustrate that as long as Board members and senior staff are selected for their connections to the ruling party, there will always be questions of bias and infighting.

The public is aware that this infighting revolves around the replacement of people who are perceived by one faction as being loyal to another faction in the ANC. It is clear that the Board and some staff would want to endear themselves to the new ruling clique in the ANC. There is no doubt that some people are likely to fall by the wayside, but we appeal to the Board to ensure that when they appoint new people in these senior positions they cast the net wide. This nonsense of appointing people solely on their credentials as ANC "cadres" must end, surely they have now learnt that it keeps backfiring.