Khampepe Commission leak proves campaign against Scorpions statement by the UDM President (04 May 2008)

The latest media reports regarding the Khampepe Commission demonstrate that the entire process around their future has been prejudiced by Thabo Mbeki's administrative failure to implement the recommendations of the Commission.

It seems that Mbeki's friendship with Selebi weighed more than the recommendation of Judge Khampepe. What exactly should the Scorpions have done when they had evidence that the National Commissioner of Police was in cahoots with drug crime bosses?

Mbeki is fortunate that South Africans have not called for his resignation yet for jeopardising national security in his attempts to protect his friend. In other countries he would've been shown the door by now, and if he refused would've faced the embarrassment of impeachment.

Meanwhile the Scorpions are beset on the other side by the Zuma faction that has its own reasons for wishing the elite unit's demise. There is a tendency by the ANC Government to sit on explosive information and claim national security to justify this, when it is becoming clear that Judge Khampepe made many recommendations that should've been implemented. Could it be that the current Executive has just as much to fear from the continued existence of the Scorpions who would be contributing to British and German investigations that have now been initiated into the Arms Deal? Now is the time for all South Africans to stand up and protest against these attempts to dissolve the Scorpions.

We are grateful for Judge Khampepe's recommendations which have now been leaked. The judge read the mood of the nation and recognised the need for the Scorpions, instead of complying with the wishes of the tarnished few in positions of power who fear the exposure of their crimes by the Scorpions.
The UDM is fully convinced that this matter must be taken all the way to the Constitutional Court if the ANC insists on pursuing the demise of the Scorpions. Judge Khampepe confirmed strongly that the combination of prosecutors and investigators is successful and constitutionally acceptable, and South Africans should not accept any other madness to the contrary.