President Mbeki responds to complaints of infratructure decay in the Transkei statement by the UDM President (14 April 2008)

During the State of the Nation debate I handed to President Mbeki a report listing complaints from across the entire Transkei region relating to the state of disrepair of infrastructure there.

I am happy to report now that President Mbeki has instructed the National Department of Provincial & Local Government and the National Treasury to interact with the Eastern Cape Premier's Office and relevant provincial department heads to seek ways of addressing this crisis.

We are thankful that the President has responded in this fashion and we are looking forward to speedy implementation of his instructions by the relevant structures. MPs, Councillors and the public should monitor these processes on the ground, so that the lives of all people in the province can be improved. One of the most important aspects of this process will be to monitor where tenders are approved now that they are completed, that the final product is not of inferior quality and that no nepotism and corruption is allowed to creep into the awarding of tenders.