Political parties from across the spectrum to discuss electoral issues with the IEC (3 April 2008) - statement issued by Mr Bantu Holomisa in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Multi-Pary Secretariat

The public will recall that the IEC hosted a Conference in October under the theme "Reflection on the State of Electoral Democracy in South Africa".

The main themes of that conference were:
. Theories, concepts, democratic practices of electoral systems
. Floor-crossing
. The independence of the IEC
. Party funding
. The role of the media
. Inter- and intra party democracy

At this conference the majority of political parties agreed to meet separately in order to follow-up on these issues since the conference was not mandated to make or pursue resolutions for electoral reform. Several follow-up meetings were held by the political parties and a Multi-Party Secretariat has been formed to manage the process.

Today the Multi-Party Secretariat, chaired by myself, met to prepare for our presentation to the IEC of the fruits of our discussions. On Monday - at 10am, at the IEC Head Office in Pretoria - we will be meeting with the IEC Chairperson, Dr Brigalia Bam and her Commissioners to update them on our discussions for the promotion and development of electoral democracy in South Africa.