UDM makes official access to information request to Presidency regarding Khampepe Commission report and related Scorpions decisions statement by the UDM President (26 March 2008)

Today the UDM has made an application under the Promotion of Access to Information Act for the Khampepe Judicial Commission Report Regarding the Directorate of Special Operations, June 2006, and related records. On 4 March 2008 we wrote to President Mbeki requesting the Khampepe Report in light of the fact that we - and the public at large - deserve access to this information if we are to have a meaningful discussion in Parliament about the future of the Scorpions and proposed legislation which the ruling party has insisted will be rushed through Parliament by June this year. They have not responded to date.

Today we are now formally in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act requesting from the Presidency:

1. Khampepe Judicial Commission Report (2006), arising out of mandate to inquire into the mandate and location of the Directorate of Special Operations ("DSO"), including all annexures, exhibits, and attachments thereto

2. The recommendations submitted to Cabinet by the National Security Council arising out of aforementioned report, as referred to in the Media Statement on the Report of the Khampepe Commission of Inquiry, dated June 29, 2006

3. The minutes of the Cabinet meeting/s that took place prior to that Statement (of June 29, 2006 referred to in 2. above) being issued, which indicate the decisions taken by Cabinet with regard to the mandate and location of the Directorate of Special Operations.

4. Minutes of any subsequent Cabinet meeting which may have rescinded or altered the Cabinet decision referred to in 3. above

5. Minutes of the Cabinet decision/s this year regarding the future of the Directorate of Special Operations, in light of State of the Nation Debate 2008 comments made respectively by the President and the Minister of Safety and Security.