ANC must clean up al BEE deals, not just purge selected individuals statement by the UDM President (10 March 2008)

The ANC should clean up its house and institute action against everybody who has abused BEE to enrich themselves. It must also come clean on all the convenient funding it has received in the process. What we have seen is the creation of a network of deployed cadres who channel funding towards the ANC. If the ANC is serious about ending this corrupt practice it must do so wholesale, not just target select individuals who have fallen out of favour with the new leadership. Unfortunately we know that the Public Protector cannot be expected to expose this matter because the current incumbent is also a deployed cadre.

There is of course another group complicit in these activities, and that is big business itself. We call on organised business to defy this practice of patronage and stop being accomplices in this practice of awarding deals on the basis of people's political connections. They have known that what they were doing was wrong, but continued for the sake of getting approval for big deals and contracts. Now the chickens have come home to roost because the politically-connected cadre of yesterday is no longer the politically-connected cadre of today.

The public will judge Big Business on whether they will perpetuate this institutionalised corruption. Now they must unite and come clean, because they are the ones who in private and in confidential surveys will complain about corruption in this country and cause South Africa to be badly rated on the grounds of corruption. Yet they have been complicit. They must demonstrate the courage now to defy this expectation of kickbacks to the ruling party, and if they feel victimised for their principled stance, there is always Parliament and the courts to provide them with protection and recourse.