Statement regarding Zuma's stance on death penalty made UDM Spokesperson on Safety and Security (5 March 2008)

We note that Jacob Zuma has expediently suggested revisiting the issue of the death penalty. We know what his party's official position on this matter is and always has been. The UDM reiterates that the South Africans should have a say about how we deal with the brutal killers and rapists who terrorise our people.

He is implying exactly the opposite of what the ANC has been saying for years; namely that the death penalty will never be brought back or the subject of a referendum.

Are his intentions honest? Is he going to ignore his party position and impose a referendum on them? Indeed what is the point of raising this matter now, when he does not head the Executive; it seems like a point-scoring exercise at a time when South Africans are reeling from several high profile criminal incidents.