UDM has received legal opinion on Scorpions media statement issued by the President of the United Democratic Movement (18 February 2008)

The UDM has received and begun considering the legal opinion that we sought with regards to the possible disbanding or dismantling of the Scorpions.

At this stage we will not go into the details of the reports from our legal team, suffice it to say that they have advised us that there are indeed grounds for challenging in the courts of the land the legality and constitutionality of any attempt to dismantle the Scorpions.

We have instructed them to prepare for such a legal challenge to be launched at any moment, depending on how the ANC Government behaves from this point onwards.

There has been a general complaint among voters that laws seem to be steamrollered through Parliament by the ANC who uses the institution as a rubberstamp for the Executive. There is often a radical lack of consultation with the wider public; a matter that has been raised even in the Constitutional Court. We call on the Speaker of Parliament to give the public her assurance that the institution will indeed do everything in its power to allow the voices of the public to be heard on the future of the Scorpions. In the meantime we will be writing the Speaker's office to provide us with details of what systems they have put in place to improve public participation from now on - especially because of the digital divide, illiteracy and language barriers that prevent vast sections of South Africans from participating in lawmaking.

The public can rest assured that the UDM will not stand by idly whilst the ANC tries to raise the white flag of surrender against the wave of organised crime that threatens to engulf our country.

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