Scorpions: UDM National Executive Committee resolves to seek legal opinion - media statement issued by the President of the UDM (27 January 2008)

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) convened at the weekend to discuss the state of the nation as well as the UDM's review of its strategic plan that was developed last year in September.

The outcomes and resolutions of the African National Congress (ANC) Polokwane Conference herald the end of the ANC that the voters gave a mandate to govern. The ANC agenda of transformation has been hijacked by the SACP. Post-Polokwane there has been a stampede of new people being rushed into the ANC NEC, NWC and Parliamentary leadership. Pressure is also being applied to accommodate the new leading faction in Cabinet. The campaigns and obsessions of the SACP now dominate ANC thinking, such as the longstanding SACP hatred of the Scorpions and judiciary. It is clear that the SACP and their hangers-on used Zuma's popularity to gain control of the ANC. Signs are already there that they will dump Zuma now that they have achieved their goal. In the process Mbeki and his Executive are being blackmailed to implement this faction's resolutions or face the prospect of being 'recalled' by the ANC before their term of office is complete.

The future of the Scorpions was deliberated at length by the UDM NEC, we noted with approval the sterling record of successful prosecutions by this elite unit. We felt strongly that the ANC is sending the wrong signal to the nation and the world; it seems now that when those in authority face investigation and prosecution they will simply disband the investigating unit. The ANC NEC members with pending cases cannot be allowed to rule on the future of the Scorpions. The reasons being advanced for closing the Scorpions are spurious. There is no doubt that there is a conflict of interest; one can liken this to a sheep being invited to a conference of jackals, where the topic of discussion will be the slaughter of sheep.

The UDM resolved to seek legal opinion regarding the scheme to disband the Scorpions.

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