Media Release by the UDM President re Future of the Scorpions (16 January 2008)

Once again the ANC is openly attacking the Scorpions. Their rhetoric rings hollow. There is no end to the irony of their stance:

Firstly, the Scorpions are a creation of the ANC government.

Secondly, it is remarkable how it is only people who are being prosecuted or have been successfully prosecuted by the Scorpions who have complaints about the behaviour of the Scorpions.

Thirdly, the ANC accuses the Scorpions of targeting its members unfairly, but the truth of the matter is that the ANC's deployment strategy since coming into government has seen the appointment of its members to high profile positions throughout vast sections of society. Many of these appointments were ill-advised and the whole system has become a thinly disguised example of cronyism and nepotism. This strategy has turned out to be institutionalised corruption. As a result of the pillaging and looting of state resources by some of these deployees, as well as concern expressed by the public, led to the establishment of the Scorpions in 1999 by Parliament.
Shall we now ask the Scorpions and other law enforcement agencies to turn a blind eye to corruption and fraud whenever the suspect happens to be a high-profile ANC member?

The noise of demonising and discrediting the Scorpions was started by, among others, the late Brett Kebble who had his own problems with the laws of this country. Today everybody knows that he bankrolled the ANC and its youth leadership in order to influence them to close down this unit. This country had also taken note of the attempts made by Schabir Shaik and his cohorts in trying to discredit the Scorpions and its leadership (the Hefer Commission refers).

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) feels that the timing for the suggested closure of this unit and its inclusion in the police is not good, given the fact that the very people who are campaigning against the Scorpions are subjects of investigation. The Scorpions still have a Parliamentary mandate to investigate and charge all those who have been implicated in the Arms Deal.

The UDM therefore totally rejects any suggestions that the Scorpions should either be attached to the police or disbanded.

In conclusion, we are disturbed by the growing tendency of the ANC to promote the idea of state conspiracy whenever an ANC member stands accused of infringing the law. The ANC is fuelling a culture of disrespect for the democratic institutions of this country. We are all equal before the law, irrespective of whether we are card-carrying members of the ANC or not.


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