Media Release by the UDM President re Transkei Infrastructure: R100 million offer by Eastern Cape goverment (16 January 2008)

I appreciate the prompt and positive response by the Mbeki Government in response to my call for attention to the dilapidated infrastructure in the Transkei region.

Yes the R100 million announced today by the Eastern Cape Government to address the related request is a drop in the ocean compared to the damage caused by lack of maintenance over the past years. I still call upon a National Rescue Team to do an appraisal on how the imbalances and inadequacies can be addressed.

As a result of more people moving from rural arrears to towns and the increase in traffic volume, the old infrastructure can no longer absorb the pressure of overloading, hence the call for an urgent intervention.

In view of the fact that the R100 million has just been announced, a period very close to the end of this financial year, I would suggest the following course of action in order to commit the announced funds:-

The tendering process will be too tedious to allow for the expenditure of this money R100 million within three months. I would therefore strongly suggest that the Department of Public Works should seek Treasury Authority to call for letter quotations from all prospective contractors for the maintenance of these rural access roads. The adjudication of such letter quotations should strictly comply with the Tender Board regulations. In this way the R100 million can be committed within this financial year’s budget.

I further look forward to the invitation by the Premier of the Eastern Cape for inspection of the Transkei’s collapsing infrastructure as previously agreed upon by both parties.

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
President of the United Democratic Movement

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