PSL bonus saga media statement by Bantu Holomisa, MP - UDM President (13 November 2007)

Pursuant to a number of media enquiries on whether the decision on the controversial PSL bonuses/'commissions' had to be postponed due to the Portfolio Committee of Sport's intervention, the UDM, which is represented on that committee can confirm that the last time the issue of the bonuses was debated was on 6 November with Mr Khoza and the Minister of Sport and the resolutions of the meeting are well-documented.

At no stage therefore, had the Portfolio Committee had discussed the so-called 'letter of complaint' from John Comitis, wherein he complained about the meeting of 6 November with PSL representatives. So the fracas we are witnessing must be between the Sports Portfolio Committee Chairperson and Mr Butityi Nkonki and it has got nothing to do with the Portfolio Committee and it wouldn't make any sense for the Portfolio Committee to meet as a result of Mr Comitis letter. If he has a complaint, the UDM would strongly advise that his complaint should be referred back to the PSL. It is a pity that people tend to want to position the Portfolio Committees and their Chairpersons as if they have executive powers to resolve the issues affecting Sport in the country. The Committee is not a disciplinary committee to address the issues of sporting codes, and people should make use of the existing mechanisms within sporting codes to raise and address their concerns.

One thing that cannot be denied is that Chairperson Khompela's/Nkonki's dispute has brought the Portfolio Committee and Parliament into disrepute.

The sooner we distance ourselves from this PSL bonus/'commission' saga the better. Let us allow, therefore, the processes of the PSL, including Jomo Sono's task, to be finalised. If anyone has a complaint for now, more than the Portfolio Committee, the Minister of Sport would be a better person to approach, not the Portfolio Committee. The Portfolio Committee is not an alternative forum for Mr Comitis (who is a member of the PSL Board) to file a vote of no confidence in Mr Khoza, if indeed he has proof that Mr Khoza has misled Parliament or made other transgressions he should raise those concerns within the relevant PSL structures.

Lastly, the UDM, therefore, rejects in toto the insinuation that the Portfolio Committee had requested that the PSL should not on this past Saturday (10 November) have discussed Jomo Sono's report regarding the commissions/bonuses. It is a blue lie.

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