Hope and despair: Lucky Dube and the Springboks media statement issued by Bantu Holomisa, MP - UDM President (19 October 2007)

These are time of hope and despair. I join the rest of South Africa in mourning the death of Lucky Dube. He was an ambassador par excellence for this country. I will remember him as a religious person, whom I met several times at his church gatherings. South Africans have to realise that the manner of his passing is once again sending a wrong signal to the rest of the world. While we celebrate his life we have to acknowledge that the South African public has cried in vain about the issue of crime. In other democracies when the leadership of an important institution fails, as the South African police leadership have failed, the authorities will remove them. Alas that is not the culture of this government. The top leadership of the police aren't experienced and trained in policing yet they are retained despite their dismal track record.

We bid farewell to Lucky Dube. But may his death, once more - like the deaths of others - remind us that we need a government that listens to its voters.

To his family, we call on you to accept that Lucky Dube has played his innings, and may the messages of condolence from all over the world give you comfort and consolation. May his soul rest in peace.

As far as the Springboks are concerned; they will beat England if they play as a team and not individuals, like they did against Argentina, despite the fact that we didn't have much ball-possession, what we did get, we used well. Our discipline needs to be at the highest level. If I was coach I would confuse England and instruct Frans Steyn to do positional switches now and again for dropkicks, which will force England to move their attention away from our wings. Go Bokke! We are behind you!

We thank the SABC for galvanising support for the Springboks. The SABC has proven that it has the capacity to capture the minds of the nation. I now encourage the SABC to use this influence across all its radio and television platforms to tackle two issues. Firstly, crime: How can we come together as a nation and as neighbours to fight this crime? The second issue is the environment. Our country is dirty. We need to encourage every South African to be a Champion of the Environment so that when the world comes here for the 2010 Soccer World Cup we are not asked how we were able to win the bid to host this event when we are the world champions of littering.

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